Why Comparison is a disease?

Comparison is one of the greatest diseases present in our world and we are taught to do it from our birth. From our birth, our parents start comparing us with other children. Our teachers compare us with other students. From the beginning, we are being told to compare ourselves with others. This is the greatest disease because everybody is born unique and comparison is just not possible. I am unique in my position and similarly, you are unique in your position. 

There is actually no person present in the universe to whom you can be compared. Each man is a unique creature of god. Everybody has been born into this world for the first time and with unique skills. Therefore no comparison is possible. Comparison only brings trouble, if someone falls victim to this disease of comparison then he will become either very egoistic or very bitter. It all depends upon whom you compare yourself with, if you compare yourself with people who are better than you, higher than you, greater than you, you will become bitter. 

 You will become a complaint against the existence and a fit of anger will occupy your mind that why you are not better than others. Why I am not like others? Why I am not physically strong? Why I am not beautiful? Why I am not intelligent? Why I am not this or that? And a thousand questions of this kind. If we go on doing this then we soon become very bitter people. Our life becomes poisoned by comparison. We always remain in a state of depression and behave as if life has betrayed us. 

 On the other hand, if we compare ourselves with people who are in some way lesser than us, then we become very egoistic. This is the main reason why rich people collect a lot of weak and poor people around them. This gives them an opportunity to feel bigger than others. Ordinary people look at the success of the rich, their houses, and their achievements and therefore feel bitter about their existence. They start looking at God as if it has betrayed them. Therefore without thankfulness for the creator, there is no prayer and without prayer, there is no religion. 

 However, a man who understands the uniqueness of everybody feels immense gratitude for whatsoever supreme power that has been given to him. If we do not compare then we are neither bigger nor smaller, neither ugly nor beautiful, neither intelligent nor stupid. And if we do not compare then we are simply us. In the state of simply us spring come into our life because deep gratitude towards life helps in bringing this spring full of heavenly blessings. 

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