To Find Real Joy of life (Inner Joy)

It is very important for all of us to discover abundant joy present inside us which can easily transform our lives; people who succeed in finding this joy never feel any pain in life. Most of our pains start from a lack of joy because we search for this joy in the outside world. We run behind people and worldly objects for getting this joy but we never succeed in this venture because actual joy is stored inside us. 

We do not require anybody’s help for discovering this joy, only a small friendship with our internal self or higher self whatever you call it can make a difference. There are people in the world who are happy and joyful despite not having big bank balances, huge properties etc, whereas there is an even more number of people unhappy in this world despite having huge money and worldly objects.

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Inner Joy
All this only highlights to us that real pleasure is not present in the outside world but it is our internal matter. We all are born with this abundant joy and we are only required to tune ourselves with our inner selves. People who have understood this secret in the world have found their lives full of abundant joyfulness which is not dependent on worldly circumstances. Now only choice left with us that what we want from our lives happiness or unhappiness because our final decision will make all the difference. 

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