Main Features of Tata Nano

Finally, Tata is going to launch their dream one lakh Rupee car on 23rd March. Earlier, Tata Nano was scheduled to be launched in September last year; however, due to Singur dispute and closer of Tata Nano’s Singur plant, Tata Nano will be launched this year. Tata Nano will be available at most of Tata Nano distributors for buying by April 10. These Tata Nano distributors have already started recruiting people for starting their booking procedures. Below, people can learn about some main features of Tata Nano.

1) Tata’s Nano will have 2 cylinder 624 cc Multi point fuel injection petrol engine and it will give 33 bhp power (engine is in rare).
2) This car will give fuel average of 20-25 Km/litre.
3) Top speed of Nano will be 72 Km/hour.
4) Petrol tank of this car will have capacity of 30 litres.
5) Nano will be available in three colours red, yellow and silver.
6) Tata Nano will come with Tube less tyres.
7) This car can accommodate 4-5 people.
8) Nano will come with Single windscreen wiper.
9) Price to the distributor of Nano in Delhi will be Rs 1 Lakh and its actual price will be slightly more than 1 lakh for customers.
10) Nano will meet Bharat 3 and Euro 4 emission standards.
11) This car will have 21% more interior space than Maruti 800 and it will be 8% small than Maruti 800.
12) Tata will launch one basic and two deluxe models (with AC) of this car.
13) Team of 500 people have completed this dream of Tata.
14) Length of car is 3.1 meter and its width is 1.5 meter.
15) It will cost Rs 1.35 Lakh after all formalities.
16) Its price in US dollar is around $ 2000.
17) Basic Nano model will not have AC, power steering, anti locks etc.

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