Truth of Sushant Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty Love Story

Truth of Sushant Rajput and Riya Chakarvati Love Story

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Today, the whole of the world is eagerly waiting for the truth in the love story of Sushant Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty. This story came to limelight when Shushant's father blamed Riya for the suicide of Sushant. Suddenly, Rhea Chakraborty who was a positive character in the story becomes a negative character, and we start seeing daily postmortem of their relationship on the leading TV channels. Daily we see TV channels flooded with new stories and audio clippings related to the past life of Sushant and Rhea. All this has put a question mark on their love story. Was it really a love story or it was something else. 

The love story of Shushant and Rhea has taken a bad shape because it has a bad ending with the death of Sushant. His death came as a shock for the whole nation and no one believed in the news that he can commit suicide. Sushant was a bold character according to the people who have lived around him. Therefore, everyone is shocked that what happened which caused Sushant to take this extreme step. Sushant died on 14 June when he was neither with his sister nor with his girlfriend Riya. According to Rhea, she left him on 8th June because Sushant asked her to leave his home. 

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Rhea is blamed for inappropriately using the wealth of Sushant for her and on her family. Therefore, all the leading investigating agencies are investigating this case. After the successful completion of this investigation, we can hope that we will get the truth of Sushant and Riya's love story. Does Rhea was a good girlfriend or she used Sushant for her benefit. So far, we see so much blame game from all sides. I don't want to make any judgment because I want to wait for the investigation report of the agencies to learn about the truth. 

At present, this matter has become very complex, and daily, we see an increase in the mystery associated with this case. On the other hand, this case also highlights the fact of decreasing the mental health of people in India. It is important to understand that we should not forget the important issues like good mental health in this whole fight. 

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