Threat to Indian Peafowls (Peacocks)

Threat to Indian Peafowls (Peacocks)

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A few years ago, it was common in the media to read such news as "20 peacocks were found dead", "Indians could no longer be proud as a house of peacocks", "peacocks were poisoned", "peacocks on the verge of extinction.". During my childhood, it was very common to see peacocks in most rural areas of India; However, as I grew, I noticed a sharp decrease in the number of peacocks. Earlier in the state of Punjab in India, you could usually see peacocks sitting quietly in the fields or on the terrace. However, due to poaching, indiscriminate use of poisons, and pesticides, the number of peacocks has declined sharply and it has become very unusual to see these beautiful birds.

In 1991, the population count for Indians peacocks by WWF India found that after India's independence, the peacock population has halved in India. Killing peacocks is a non-bailable offense in India and anyone who kills peacocks can be imprisoned for three years and fined Rs 10,000. However, even then, these birds are hunted due to the huge demand for their fins and fat. Peacock also died due to the increased use of pesticides in the fields because the use of some pesticides is very harmful to these birds.

We are now seeing some revival and the peacock population has increased in many parts of India; however, they are still in danger and need protection. I request everyone to support the peacock by educating others about the safety of peacocks. Peacocks are great birds of the land as we mostly see them climbing here and there or even hills due to their strong legs. Being sensitive to unknown sounds or even the slightest movement of things, they can instantly fly by creating a loud sound of wings.

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I hope in future all people will be more responsive to the security of the Peacocks and we will be able to find the Peacocks everywhere.

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