Your mind is a very powerful tool, You can use it to manifest anything



I love to write posts on the mind (click to read all posts) because the mind is the most important part of our body and without the mind, we can't achieve most of the things in life. Today, I will discuss with you two of many real-life experiences with the mind which showed me the power of the mind. After these experiences, I realised that we can use our minds to manifest anything. Already many writers and motivational leaders have said about it but I only believed it when these two things happened in my life. Though these things took three to six months to manifest and they happened like a miracle. Even my wife started saying to me that if I would have asked something else then it would have also come true. The first thing in using our brain power is to believe in this theory of manifesting things with mind power. How do all these happen and what science is behind it? I will not go into it because it is irrelevant at this level. The main thing is that all this is happening and we are attracting many things into our lives consciously or unconsciously. 

Now it is about my first experience. I was reading a magazine and in magazine, I saw an article on Andaman and Nicobar with pictures of its islands, beaches and sea. I liked the pictures so much that a desire to go there raised in my mind and I was so eager to go there. But unfortunately, I don't have the budget to go there and I was not travelling much at that time. For three-four months, I keep on thinking about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the pictures of these islands were everywhere in my mind. Then after five months, my father ranged me up to inform me that his office has given him a family trip to the Andaman Nicobar islands for five days. So in this way, the next month, I was relaxing in Andaman and Nicobar without a single investment. Now different people may claim that I was destined to go there but I will say that there is some relationship between my strong desire to go there and the reality of this trip. 

Me at Andaman

The second incidence is very recent. About twelve months back, my dog died and we are left with no pet. For a few months, we tried to get a dog but don't get the desired dog. Around six months back, a desire to have a cat came to my mind. I had a few cats when I was a kid and it was one of the best experiences of my life. So I wanted a cat and continuously started thinking about it. Around two months back, my wife told me that a strange animal is sitting in front of the door. When I enquired then I realised that it was some kind of cat though different from domestic cats. It looked like this cat was hungry and she has come to our home for some food. So I gave her food and realised that she has just given birth to kittens. After that day, she started coming to our home daily and soon become my friend. Later I realised that it is not an ordinary cat but it is a jungle cat. Today, she regularly comes to my home with her two babies and spends some time with me. 

These two experiences forced me to think about the power of the mind and to try it on more things. The main thing to note here is that we should be wanted that thing from our heart. The second thing to remember is that it may take some time to manifest so we need to be patient. Concentrate on single demand only because if you think about many things then your energy may get diverted. 

If you also have similar experiences then you can share your experiences below in the comment. 

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