Today, we all know that youtube short videos have become very famous. People love to watch these videos and they spent hours watching them. Recently, I also created a few youtube shorts of
Rumi Quotes for my website and decided to embed these shorts on my site. But when I clicked on the Youtube short video then I didn't find the option to embed the short video. First I thought that It is not possible to embed Youtube shorts and I left the plan to embed youtube shorts. But somehow, I was not convinced about it so I decided to search only. First I found some third-party widgets to embed the whole shorts video feed on your blog but it was not meant for me so I left this idea. 

Later, I did some experiments with iframe code but they also failed and I was about to leave the whole idea aside. Then I found a link with some useful information and on this page, I learnt that it is very easy to embed youtube shorts on your website and you just need to make small changes to your youtube short video URL for this purpose. 

A URL of Youtube Short Looks like this -

Option 1 https://www.youtube.com/shorts/M5WdS5Su6-c

and when we open this link then we don't find any embed link in it. 

Here we need to make a small change to this URL to make the embed option be shown to us. 


To do so just change the shorts (highlighted in red) with the watch (as highlighted in green) as

Option 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5WdS5Su6-c

You can see the difference by clicking on both the links in Options 1 and 2. 

You will see that when you click on option 1 then no embed button will be available. 

But when you will click on Option 2 the embed button will be visible. 

So here is the easy and simple method to add youtube short videos to our websites or blogs.