I am republishing one of the popular and interesting posts from the past. I wrote this post earlier in 2010, however, after so many years, things have changed in many ways and thus made this post irrelevant. You can see the Old Post here. So I am writing this post again to keep you updated with new methods available. Below you can see the updated post. 

If you love to take pictures and already have a collection of thousands of pictures then you can easily make some good money by sharing your pictures online. Even if you do not have pictures at present or have not captured pictures so far even then you can make some money with the help of pictures. The first thing you need is a good camera and you can even start with a good mobile camera. As the internet speed is increasing around the world so the demand for online content is also increasing at a very high speed.

You can also make digital content in the form of digital pictures and make money with its help. There are billions of people online who want to watch good pictures taken by you. In the online business if you can generate an audience or visitors then you can definitely make money. Today, I will tell you some very easy methods to make money with pictures captured by you. 

1) Create a Picture Blog - You can easily create a picture blog with pictures of a single thing or pictures of multiple things. For example, if you have a cat or dog then you can start a picture blog related to them and post their pictures regularly to your blog. 

Method 1 to Earn Money from Picture Blog - After creating a good picture blog, you can apply for AdSense or another advertiser to show ads on your blog. There are many methods to make money with the help of blogs like affiliate marketing, selling courses, etc. The main thing is that you should create an audience for your blog. Therefore, when people come to see your pictures than they also watch and click on ads thus earning you some money. If more of your pictures are published online and many visitors come to watch your pictures then you can also make good money. It is hard to define the exact earnings you will make because it depends on multiple factors; however, it is clear that you will make some money. You can earn good money if you work hard and people like your pictures. For example, if you have 1000 pictures published online then you can easily earn between $ 10 to $ 100 per month. Here are examples of my Photography Blog and Indian Birds Picture Blog. In both these blogs, pictures are the main content of my blog. 

Method 2 to earn money from picture Blog- You can easily sell pictures available on your blog by adding a payment button below it. There are many successful photographers who earn good money from their blogs/websites by selling their pictures. There is a good demand for high-quality pictures online on different things and people are ready to pay good money for your pictures. 

2) Add your pictures to stock photo websites - 
If you do not want to do the hard work of creating a website or blog then you can instead add your pictures to popular stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Etsy, etc. These websites offer a huge database of stock photos to potential buyers. When a buyer buys your picture through them then they give you some percentage of the selling price. The more of your picture sells on these platforms the more money you make in the end. 

3) Participate in Photo Contests -  With some search online you can find many photography competitions in which anyone can send his pictures. These contests do offer good prizes and even many new photographers have won these awards. Not only do these photo contests give your rewards but they also provide you recognition as a photographer. These contests are run by big names like National Geographic, Sony world and Nikon etc. 

4) Sell prints of your pictures - If you have a website then you can easily sell the prints of your pictures. You can easily integrate platforms like Fotomoto to your website to automatically sell the prints of your pictures. If you don't have a website then you can use online stores like Imagekind and Etsy etc to sell your digital photographs or prints. 

At present, these are four easy and working methods to make money with the pictures taken by you. In future, I will update you with the more available options.