How self-love of people is destroying the whole world?



In the previous post, 'Selfishness is the root cause of all human miseries' I discussed how selfishness is a danger for us. Today, we will read about the love of people for themselves that is destroying our world.  Every day, we see or hear about the news of hundreds of innocent people dying worldwide because of wars, conflicts, hunger, cold, migration, environmental pollution and so many other reasons created by the self-love of others. The so-called influential leaders who control most of the strong nations today are responsible for the misery of many people innocent people around the world. These egoistic and fame-hungry leaders make wrong decisions to support some of their wealthy industrialist friends or to suppress the revolt against them which millions of innocent and ordinary people pay through hardship or with their lives.

But these leaders are so indulged in self-love and greed that they don’t want to understand or hear the version of someone else. The person who tries to show them the mirror mostly gets eliminated from the world. A few people less than 0.1% of the whole world population have become so powerful that the fate of the rest of the world is at the mercy of their decisions. We have developed some methods to develop a transparent system to elect the people in power and one popular example of it is democracy.

Again one more, But we all know that democracy is not a full-proof system and these smart leaders have developed ways to overpass the common laws for their advantage. Many nations claim themselves as democratic nations but in reality, they are under the control of a few leaders only.

I do not want to blame anyone or any leader because I have found that self-love is very common and most people forget to respect other people or other creatures or non-living beings. We human beings have become so indulged in self-love that we are destroying everything else for our own gratification. When this self-love is mixed with a hunger for power then it creates a monster in our world who becomes a threat to the lives of millions.

Now from this self-centric world, it is very difficult to create a world that thinks about others also, therefore this entire thing makes it very difficult to construct a dream nation that is not biased towards anyone. Today due to these reasons we see a world full of victims. Some are victims of money; some are of power and some of the circumstances.

Many people survive, eat and die on the road only due to this self-centric approach. People who claim of making this world more wealthy and prosperous are practically making themselves rich and prosperous. In the real world of good people, no one can die on the road from hunger, and no one can die in winter due to no clothes on the body.

We play false claims of goodness, whereas from the inside we only love ourselves and work to make ourselves more comfortable. For making this world place for all, we need to uncover our false faces and start loving all the creatures of this universe or otherwise one day our self-love will eat the whole of the earth.

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