Do not allow the poison of bad relationship spoil your life

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Every person goes through some kind of bad relationship in his or her life and the memories of these bad relationships haunt us for a long time. We try hard to escape the glitches of these irritating memories but they keep coming back and disturbing us. In the previous posts on Happiness and Life, I have already talked lots about living a happy life (Click on the Links to read previous articles). Every person wants to live a happy life so he tries to live his life in a way that he can get happiness out of it. To live a comfortable and happy life in the world, we have created many relationships for benefit of human beings. It is hard for any human being to live his life alone so we share our lives with many people who are somehow related to us. 

In our life, we see many relationships with different people and for our happiness, it is important that there should be love and understanding between all the people involved in a relationship. But it is not true always and sometimes, these relationships become a reason for pain in our life because of the misbehaviour of others. Sometimes, these misbehaviour are so bad and poisonous that they haunt us for a long time. For example, if a person has got wrong treatment from his father in his childhood then the bad memories of this relationship may trouble him for many years. Different people may have different bad experiences in their relationship and we may get these bad experiences at any stage in life. 

The wrong thing is that some people become so disturbed because of these bad experiences in their relationships that they find it very hard to come out of them. These bad experiences come back in their dreams and disturb them again and again. When we become too much obsessed with these bad experiences then they start disbursing the quality of our life. Because of the bad relationship experiences in the past, we fail to make new relationship experiences. A bad relationship experience can traumatise a person to a high level and may cripple his ability to make new experiences again. 

At this stage, we need to find solutions to solve these problems and move ahead in life. There are many therapies and methods available to treat such people and make them stable individuals again. Relationship issues and misbehaviour in the relationship are quite common because there are many people who don't treat others well and at an equal level. Due to their ego and superior attitude, they humiliate others and create many bad memories for them. 

It is not possible for us to change others and force them to behave well with us. But we can tell them to leave us or at least say no to their actions. It is better for us to leave such people as earlier as possible so that they don't harm us again and again. 

In this case, the main harm is always yours and you suffer the most. Therefore, you should save yourself from such people. You should work on creating a strong mental attitude and willpower to fight such people. When you will learn to live wisely with these people then they will not be able to harm you emotionally. You need to learn skills to deal with mind-manipulating people so that they can't manipulate you. 

Mostly, we can't do much about the things done to us in childhood because we are not developed mentally at this stage so we fail to save ourselves from mental abuse and bad behaviours of others. For such things, we can't do much except forget them for the good of everyone and ourselves. 

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