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If you love to take pictures and already have a collection of thousands of pictures then you can easily make some good money by sharing your pictures online. As the internet is becoming more and more popular so is the demand for new online content. There are billions of people online who want to watch pictures taken by you. Similarly, there are millions of advertisers who want to show their ads to these people. Therefore, when people come to see your pictures than they also watch and click on ads thus earning you some money. If more of your pictures are published online and many visitors come to watch your pictures then you can also make good money. It is hard to define exact earnings through pictures; however, it is clear that you will make some money and can earn good money if you work hard and people like your pictures more. For example, if you have 1000 pictures published online then you can easily earn between $ 10 to $ 100 per month.

Two very simple options available in front of people are
1) Flixya – This site allows people to upload unlimited numbers of pictures online plus it allows users to add their own Google/Adsense Code to show their own ads with their pictures (people retain 100% Google/Adsense impression). Millions of people visit Flixya every month to watch pictures and a good picture can get millions of visitors alone. Flixya does not pay people directly; however, they get money from Google Ads which are shown side by side with their images on Flixya. It is very simple to use Flixya and a good point of Flixya is that you get directly paid from Google; therefore, very less chances of any payment fraud. More pictures mean more money on Flixya; however, it is also important to post only quality images because quality images can attract visitors many more times than simple pictures. (Do remember to fill full descriptions and tags for your pictures, this will attract more visitors to your pictures)

2) Shareapic - This is the second option available in front of people to make money with their pictures. This site pays people $ 0.22 per 1000 picture views. Therefore, if you have 1000 pictures on Shareapic then each picture attracts 100 visitors then you get a total of 100000 pictures views which means you will make $ 22. It is slightly difficult to attract so many picture views if you have very fewer numbers of pictures, still, people can hope for the best. The other advantage of this site is that it allows you to add your own BidVertiser ads under your image. BidVertiser is also a similar service to Google/Adsense which pays for click-on ads.

With the help of these two services, people can make good use of their pictures and make some money in this effort. People can hope to earn an additional yearly income of $ 100 to $ 10000 by sharing their pictures only.

Important Note- 1) You need Google/Adsense and BidVertiser accounts to make money with these services.
2) Only apply for Google/Adsense and BidVertiser accounts after adding some original pictures roughly 100 plus otherwise your account will not be approved because of lack of original content.
3) Do not Click on your own Ads, this can cancel your account.

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