How Osho's wisdom can free you from mental conditioning?

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Today, I will again talk about Osho, a great spiritual Guru who freed many people from mental conditioning and made them free human beings who can question the old traditions and start new things. Osho was the most practical Guru, I ever found in the world and he helped me a lot to understand human nature and how we are controlled through mental conditioning. To read an earlier post go to My thoughts on Osho

We believe many things as true because we are being told from childhood to believe so. This is called conditioning and any person can be conditioned to believe anything if he is told something from childhood again and again. 

A conditioned person can never take the right decisions because he will always remain influenced by his mental conditioning. The advantage of conditioned people is that they never revolt and never ask for answers from the ruler. They accept as such what is told to them. 

On the other hand, a person who is free from these mental conditions can ask the rulers why it is so? The old kings and leaders never wanted such people so they devised ways to mentally imprison people and reduce their ability to revolt or fight back. There is fear created around many things so that we can't challenge them. Even after so many years, many such mental conditionings are still very much present and they are stopping many people to live the life they wanted. 

Under mental conditioning, we live a life that is designed for us and not a life that we choose. Mental conditioning is designed in such a way that a person never knows that he is living life according to the will of others. Mental conditioning is a great tool in the hands of big rulers, kings, and politicians to control the masses and make them do what they want to do. 

I succeeded in removing many mental conditionings from my mind thanks to my true guide and guru Osho. His writings are great treasures to know many things related to human psychology and how we are controlled by using psychological techniques. He was the one and only Guru or spiritual leader present in the world who make us understand many things related to human psychology and how others use them against us. A person can never live a free life if remains consciously or unconsciously in the control of others. 

It is not always the big leaders or politicians who try to control us but sometimes, these people can be your very close near or dear ones too. You can learn more on this topic by reading the earlier post - 'Mind Manipulators are all around us'. The mind is the most powerful tool in our body to experience and enjoy this world but when we lose the control of mind and give it to others then they get control over us. So always guide yourself and your mind so that its control is in your hands. Osho always said such things but it was very inconvenient for many so we saw a revolt against him. 

There is no harm in removing mental conditioning and mental blocks which are hurting us and stopping us from living the life which we want. Osho has given his thoughts on many things and some of them even I don't agree with. But overall, we can find many new and intrusting things from his sayings to become a strong, free and fearless person. Read the earlier post 'Osho and his unique thoughts'.

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