Osho – A true Guide

In life, we go through many difficult times, and sometimes, it becomes very hard for us to select a single path that can solve our problems. In such times, we need the help of a true guide and Guru, who can guide us properly so that we can pass through difficulties of life easily. I have also faced a number of such problems in my life and at that time, I got good support and guidance from a true guide i.e. Beloved Osho. During difficult times of my life, I came across some books and magazines written by Osho and these writings Osho changed my view towards life and I emerged as a stronger person who sees life very differently.
Osho’s writing makes us see the true meaning of life and how we miss small-small true moments of life. Osho is a kind of guide, who guides us from his heart and from his personal experiences. It is very hard for any person to remain miserable throughout his life when he goes through the writings of Osho. Osho makes us see those hidden parameters of life that very rare people tell us to follow. Osho’s teachings have a more practical approach and provide more accurate solutions to our problems.

Osho guides us to fully enjoy every moment of our life and thus live a very fulfilling and happy life. Here I am not promoting Osho but just sharing my personal experience with Osho’s teachings and how they changed my life positively. Osho’s sayings are freely available online or people can buy books of Osho to judge whether Osho’s sayings are helpful for them or not. Osho says us to not follow him and that is the most beautiful saying by him. Also, visit My thoughts on Osho Osho and his unique thoughts

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