Osho and his unique thoughts

Osho is known around the world for his revolutionary thinking and thoughts. His thoughts have helped many people around the world awaken their souls and become good human beings. In his lifetime, he presented his thoughts on many matters and issues; therefore, it is not possible for me to summarize all his thoughts here. However, we can discuss a few of them. The first great thought of Osho is about revolution and therefore, he wanted every human being to be a revolutionary. According to him, only a revolutionary can create a world which is free of wrong practices. His thoughts always motivate people to break old barriers and live their lives in a revolutionary way. By revolution, he means the revolution of mind and soul together. According to him, we require a new revolution in this world for turning it into a place which becomes a celebration for all and not a world which is full of grieves and unhappiness.

The second great thought of the Osho is about the way of meditation. As he himself was a great revolutionary, therefore he totally revolutionized the whole concept of meditation. Many of the mediation techniques stated by him are trademarks of Osho and are highly effective and simultaneously simple as compared to other mediation techniques. According to Osho, we can perform mediation anytime and anywhere; and for this, we do not require any special training. He was so great in doing so that he converted simple breathing into a great meditation experience. People can easily find many of his meditation techniques by visiting osho.com. Many people around the world have got a lot of help from Osho’s teachings of meditation because of their great effectiveness and simplicity.

In the coming articles, I will discuss the beloved Osho.

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