Bad Dreams (Does what we see in dreams become true?)

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Bad Dreams

Does what we see in dreams become true?

I have been asking this question myself for many years; therefore, I read many articles and books on this topic. When we go through such material then we get many unanswered questions. Sometimes, you even become more puzzled. 

The main problem starts when we start getting bad dreams like one dying, seeing an accident in a dream, death of someone dear, loss in business, etc. We become very frightened after such dreams and we ask this question, does this is really going to become true? 

There are many people in the world who believe that dreams are indicative of what is going to happen in the future. Therefore, we find people like dream analysts and dream advisors, etc. 

Have really our dreams been worth taking so seriously? 

My answer is "Big Yes". If you are getting negative dreams constantly, then it is a sign of unrest in your unconscious mind, but they never clearly indicate that something bad is going to happen to you

It is a wrong belief put in our minds by society and some specific people that bad dreams indicate something terrible. 

To understand a dreaming state, we need to understand the mind and psychology. Our mind is made of two vital parts Conscious mind and the Unconscious mind. 

We live our day-to-day life with a conscious mind which is approximately 5% of our mind. Whatever happens to us in a day gets stored in our conscious mind which remains there for a few hours and then gets transferred to the unconscious mind. 

In general, we do not have control over our unconscious mind which is approx. 95% of our mind is mighty as compared to the conscious mind. 

We keep on making new experiences and memories and keep on passing them to our unconscious minds. 

As alive people, we don't remember everything which happened to us, but most of them remained stored in our unconscious minds. 

Our past memories or experiences which caused us acute pain or acute happiness, they occupy more space in our unconscious mind. 

How Dreams Come? 

At night, when we sleep and enter a state of deep sleep, then slowly our unconscious mind starts taking control and it starts showing us dreams by mixing our present experiences with the past ones. In dreams, the unconscious mind highlights our hidden fears and weaknesses. 

Dreams are a great way to know the present state of our unconscious mind, When we are weak in our unconscious state then we start seeing negative dreams. 

Therefore, instead of fearing your bad dreams, it is important to correct your unconscious state. 

If you keep on thinking about your bad dreams and start believing that something bad is going to happen to you then unconsciously, you will attract negativity and harm to yourself. 

So don't fear your bad dreams they just represent the state of your mind only. 

Few methods to Stop getting Bad Dreams or Correcting the Unconscious mind-

1) Avoid negative thinking and develop habits of positive thinking
2) Do watch a healthy and light program before sleeping like a laughter show. 
3) Cut negative people from your life. 
4) Learn to fight your fears
5) Increase your confidence level
6) Do exercise daily so that you can get a deep sleep
7) Do meditation, regularly, it will calm your mind. 
8) Do try chanting religious mantras before sleep, they have helped many people. 

I hope that this article may help you in taking control of your bad dreams. I have suffered from this problem because negative goals are very common in my life; however, with these efforts, I have corrected my state and sleep. 

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