Don't become a slave to other's commands (Guard your thoughts and mind)

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I have discussed this topic before people love to influence you and play with your mind so that they can make you slaves to their commands. With their constant talks, actions and behaviour, they first take control of our minds and then force us to behave in a way they want us to. I have warned people about giving control of their minds to others in the previous article "Don't allow others to play with your mind", you can read this post to make more understanding of this topic. This is a continuous game and we constantly face many such people in our lives. These people can be anyone from our very close ones to people whom we hardly know. The attack on our minds is always happening because all malicious minds want to control it. 

A good person will not do such things because he is not bothered by anyone and he is just happy in his life whereas the people who are unhappy with their own life, they don't accept your happiness. They always plan ways to control your mind and influence you in many matters of your life. It is essential to save ourselves from such people because if we give control of our minds to them, they will make us the same as them. There is always a judgment, criticism or blame for our actions because some people are not happy with our happiness, they are worried that how we live a happy life and on the other hand, they fail in doing so. 

Many people become sad or feel guilty only because some other people want them to think so. Mind games and mind manipulations are very common and real. If we are weak in guarding our minds then people can succeed in entering it and changing our happy mindset to a sad mindset. 

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