My Thoughts of the Happy Diwali (Deepavali) Festival of Lights

In my last post, I shared my childhood memories of the Diwali. Diwali holds immense significance in the lives of Indians, representing a festival eagerly anticipated and celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm. People across India diligently prepare for weeks in anticipation of this joyous occasion. Shopping is an integral part of the festivities, as individuals seek to purchase items, big or small, to adorn their homes during Diwali. This cultural inclination has given rise to the tradition of Diwali bonuses, commonly observed in India. The peak day for shopping is believed to be Dhanteras, which precedes Diwali by two days.


According to Indian customs, purchasing Dhanteras is a gesture believed to attract blessings from the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, ensuring prosperity throughout the year for the family. Consequently, markets experience a surge in foot traffic, not only on Dhanteras but also in the weeks leading up to and following Diwali. Many prominent consumer goods companies seize this opportunity to offer enticing promotions and schemes to captivate consumers. People also love to send Happy Diwali Greeting Cards and sweets to their loved ones. 

Additionally, during this festive season, a prevalent tradition is the acquisition of gold and silver. However, rising prices of these precious metals have made it challenging for a substantial portion of the Indian population to partake in this custom. Despite the challenges, Diwali remains a magnificent festival, heralding happiness and renewed hopes for people. Like billions of fellow Indians, I too am eagerly anticipating Diwali and striving to make it a truly memorable celebration. It's essential to note that millions of dollars are spent on firecrackers each year, contributing to noise and air pollution while adversely affecting innocent birds. 

Therefore, I earnestly appeal to everyone to exercise caution and sensibly use firecrackers, redirecting the saved funds towards bringing colour and joy to the lives of countless others. Green Diwali is a great alternative which we all can opt for a better and happy Diwali celebration. In advance, I extend my warm wishes for a joyous and prosperous Diwali. May this festival bring an abundance of happiness into your lives. 
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