A Great Significance of Diwali for Indians (Importance of Diwali)

What is the Importance and significance of Diwali for Indians?

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of Green Diwali and why we should go for it. Diwali always has a great significance in the lives of Indians and especially children. I still have the memories of my Childhood and how I used to wait for the Diwali celebration. The most exciting thing for me on Diwali was the enjoyment of cracking various firecrackers and eating an abundance of sweets of various kinds. 

What is the most Improtant part of Diwali?

This is one festival in India which we all like to celebrate with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. People around India prepare for weeks to celebrate this one day. Shopping is also one thing associated with this festival. Most people like to purchase something, maybe small for their homes around Diwali days. Therefore, mostly a culture of Diwali bonuses is very much prevalent in India so that people can enjoy this festival without the worry of money. 

It is believed that Diwali is a festival thousands of years old and it got started during Lord Rama's time period when he reached back Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana. Today, Diwali has got more universal look and it is celebrated by people of all religions and it is popular in every part of India. People celebrate this festival by sharing sweets with their relatives and friends during the day and at night; they do Laxmi Pujan followed by some fireworks.

The best day for purchasing is believed to be Dhanteras, which is celebrated two days before Diwali. According to Indian customs, it is believed that by buying the dhanteras, the Goddess of money, Lakshami, rewards the family throughout the year. Due to this reason, on dhanteras, there is a big rush in most of the markets around India. However, this rush in the market starts a few weeks before and remains for a few weeks after Diwali. Lots of the big consumer goods companies also provide attractive schemes and offer during this season to attract people. There also exists a custom of buying gold and silver during this festival season; the however large number of Indian find it difficult to purchase gold and silver due to the increasing prices of gold and silver. 

All these things make Diwali a great festival which brings a lot of happiness and hope to people. Like billions of other Indians, I am also very excited about Diwali and try my best to make it memorable every year. In India, every year millions of dollars are wasted on firecrackers which increase the noise and air pollution and kill thousands of innocent birds; therefore, I want to request people to sensibly use firecrackers and go for green Diwali. In this way, we can significantly help in decreasing air pollution and wasting a lot of money. With the money saved try to make the lives of millions of others colourful. Happy Diwali in Advance and May this Diwali bring a lot of happiness in your lives. 

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