Green Diwali (Deepawali) is the need of time

We already know how polluted our world has become and sometimes, it is hard to even breathe in some places. We are poisoning our air with harmful chemicals and dust. Soon, Diwali will be celebrated around India and we can see great excitement among Indians for this festival. In India, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals and even Indian livings outside India celebrate it in other countries. This festival of light brings happiness and prosperity to the lives of every person and we wish our relatives and friends Diwali greetings. But in the last few years, this festival become a major reason for pollution in India because of the use of firecrackers. 

But thanks to the initiatives by many governments in India, we are heading towards a green Diwali. Every year, thousands of Owls die on Diwali night because millions of people across India crack crackers worth billions of rupees on Diwali day. Owl is the ride of Maa Laxmi to whom we pray on Diwali day for giving us more happiness and prosperity; however, simultaneously we kill her favorite bird. Wide varieties of owls in India are already close to extinction; therefore, with extensive use of crackers, we are only making these beautiful birds extinct from our world.

The use of crackers in India is still very high and it has increased rapidly in the past years, causing significant pollution and threat to birds, especially birds flying at night like owls. Owl is a night bird who mainly moves out to feed itself; therefore, many such owls got killed on Diwali night after coming in contact with crackers. Residual air pollution left behind after the burning of all these crackers does cause the death of many owls and other birds. However, many people in the madness of their richness do not consider the welfare of such birds and they just enjoy polluting the air and causing noise pollution. 

Crackers were never part of ancient Diwali celebrations; however, after independence, we are seeing significant use of crackers for celebrating Diwali. Ancient Diwali was celebrated by lighting Diyas and exchanging sweets; however, today crackers have become the main part of Diwali celebrations which causes more problems than making the festival an ideal festival.

Recent, media and government campaigns have provided some help in reducing the use of crackers by people; however, still, lots more is required to be done by all of us to make Diwali a safe festival for all. I want to thank various state governments in India which have put a ban on the use of harmful crackers and allowed only green crackers. We all know that a clean environment is necessary for the sustenance of everyone on this earth but we sometimes do the opposite. By turning to green Diwali, we can save the lives of many people, birds and animals. 

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