Childhood Memories of Happy Diwali Celebrations

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From my childhood Diwali has been the most celebrated festival for me because this festival was associated with firecrackers, sweets of many kinds and enjoyment. Diwali, also known as Deepavali or the Festival of Lights, holds immense significance in various cultures and religions, primarily Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The festival is celebrated for several reasons, and its significance varies among different communities and regions. Diwali is so important and significant that many Indians who now live in foreign nations celebrate it those nations too. We all have many sweet memories of the Diwali festival with us. 

My father used to send Happy Diwali cards to hundreds of his friends and relatives. It was my job to print the cards and post them. I always enjoyed this extra work. In reply my father also used to get Happy Diwali cards from others. Today, many people do not prefer physicals greeting cards and they use electronic cards because they can be sent through email or WhatsApp and get delivered instantly. Like me every person must have different memories of their Diwali because as Child we enjoy the Diwali most. In childhood, we are free to enjoy and celebrate things and our parents do not put any pressure on us. 

As we become old then it becomes our duty to fulfill the dreams of our children so that they can have beautiful memories of the Diwali which they can tell to their children. During my childhood, there was no pressure to limit the fire crackers because people had low budgets and there was no awareness about the green Diwali. Today, with the increase in purchase power of people, they are exploiting the festival of Diwali to show off their money. Thus, our government is forced to implement Green Diwali at many places in India. It is the responsibility of every person to burn firecrackers with responsibility so that we don't pollute our environment. 

I still think and believe that Diwali should return to its old colours so that we can enjoy it in real nature. Too much use of crackers is not good for us and our environment so we should avoid it. 
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