Dispute between India and Canada (What the solution?)

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Developed nations like Canada and the USA always have double standards when dealing with developing nations. Whatever they do, they term it right but when a other nation does the same then they start creating noise. India and Canada dispute is also of this kind in which Canada is blaming India for the murder of its citizen but not mentioning that it has not responded to India's concerns. I am also a well-wisher of freedom of speech but we can't allow it to create troubles for the other sovereign nations. In the name of freedom of speech, people should not cross their limits and do things which hurt the sentiments of others. 

In this world, every person should feel free to do and say whatever he wants but this should not mean that he starts creating trouble for other nations. I am not here to support or defame the Khalistan movement because I am only here to say a few things which I find inappropriate. If someone is asking for its demands then he should not lower his speech and resort to vandalisation. Buring Indian consulates or the Indian flag will only increase hatred towards the Khalistan movement and the people supporting it. I do believe that no one should disrespect the flag of any country. Nations like Canada boast their freedom of expression and speech but they should also know that in the name of freedom, their actions should not become violent. 

Moreover, it is not right to threaten the people of other religions in the name of a movement. All issues can be cleared in a peaceful manner and by give and take mechanism. You can not just ask for what is appropriate for yourself and may not suit others. It is the right of people to protest but there should be no violence in its name. So far, India has given a strong reply to Canada's actions. As per the latest news, Canada is taking many actions now like removing the posters of the movement from Roads which it should have done much before. Some people want to live in past and by doing so they also want to kill the peace of today. 

I only believe that every person in India Canada or elsewhere must feel unthreatened and peaceful. If someone wants to put forward his demands then he should press it peacefully and logically. In all this countries like Canada can play a very important role in future if they choose to act right. 

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