Why Success is so difficult and challenging?


In life, we all face this problem that getting successful is often not possible and many times, we fail in life. In this situation, we ask the simple question. 'Why success is so difficult?'. I have already provided some insight into this topic in my Success Mantras series where I try to highlight the points which are important for the success of any person. Today, we will try to find reasons which make becoming Successful so challenging for everyone. These are random reasons I have gathered to highlight this problem. 

1) Complexity: Success often involves achieving multiple goals and balancing various aspects of life, like career, relationships, health, and personal growth. The complexity of these pursuits makes success difficult to attain. Many times, people succeed in a few things but they fail in other things, thus they fail to achieve real or complete success in life. 

2) Competition: In most areas of life, there's fierce competition. Whether it's in the job market, entrepreneurship, sports, or any other field, many people are striving for the same goals, making it harder to stand out. Therefore, it becomes even harder for people with average skills to match these people and attain success. Certain things and situations are also more favourable to certain people thus providing them undue advantage in life. 

3) Failure: As success in life is a reality so is failure both are equal parts of life. Success often requires overcoming failure. It's a learning process that involves setbacks, rejections, and mistakes. Fear of failure can deter people from even trying. However, it is much more difficult to do in actual life because of so many challenges a person faces. As successful people attract positive comments similar failures attract negative comments from society. 

4) Uncertainty and Persistence: The path to success is seldom clear-cut. It's often marked by ambiguity and unpredictability. Decisions made today might not show results for a long time, if ever. So we need a lot of patience but this situation can be becoming very frustrating too. many people break under these situations and leave their goals to settle for ordinary things. As discussed above Success usually demands consistent effort and persistence over an extended period. It's easy to lose motivation and momentum along the way. 

6) Resource Constraints: In society, we can find a great gap in the availability of things to people of different socio-economic groups. So some people are at an advantage when it comes to the availability of resources while others are at a disadvantage. Limited resources, whether it's time, money, or support, can hinder progress towards success.

7) External Factors: Success can be influenced by external factors beyond one's control, such as economic conditions, market trends, or societal expectations. We all need to tackle such difficulties with much care and calculations. The better solution is to tackle these problems with solving one problem at one time approach. We should remain motivated because many people have become successful despite many difficulties. 

8) Personal Development: Achieving success often requires personal growth and development. This can be uncomfortable and challenging as it may involve stepping out of one's comfort zone. Psychology also says that every person tries hard to avoid changes because no one is ready to make changes in himself. Personal development is very important to become successful because it makes us a person person. 

9) Balancing Act: Success often necessitates finding a balance between different aspects of life, which can be difficult to achieve and maintain. In the modern world, we have so many distractions at our disposal. To be successful in life, we need to learn to balance our lives and prioritise things as per their importance. 

In essence, success is a multifaceted and dynamic concept that demands continuous effort, adaptability, and the ability to navigate through a range of challenges and uncertainties.
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