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I have been covering various birds with my camera and through my observations. I have learned many things about birds. You can learn about my experiences with the birds at the site We should be thankful to nature for giving us so beautiful and adorable birds. Birds are remarkably valuable creatures in numerous ways. They contribute to the ecosystem, serve as indicators of environmental health, and offer economic benefits through various industries like birdwatching and agriculture. Birds also play a crucial role in pollination and seed dispersal, aiding in the reproduction of countless plant species. Their melodious songs and vibrant plumage bring joy to humans, inspiring art, music, and culture. Additionally, birds help control insect populations, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

In some regions, birds are vital for tourism, drawing visitors eager to observe unique avian species. Birds like vultures even help clean up carcasses, preventing the spread of diseases. Overall, these winged wonders are indispensable in maintaining ecological balance, enhancing our well-being, and fostering a deeper connection to the natural world. Now I am converting some of my bird images into bird stickers. You can get these high-quality stickers of various birds. These bird stickers provide a great opportunity to learn about those birds. These bird stickers are available in Transparent and White backgrounds and in four sizes 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 inches. 

1) Common Myna Sticker -   Get Common Myna Stickers
Common Myna, Sticker,
Common Myna Sticker

Common Myna, Sticker, Transparent,
Common Myna Sticker Transparent

Common Myna is a very friendly bird and we can easily observe them around human beings. The appearance of these is medium-sized birds with brown plumage, a yellow eye patch, and bright yellow legs and beaks. Sometimes, these birds may be very close to human beings and in some places, people even pet common myna birds. They are great adaptive birds and can be found in all parts of the birds. 

2) Hoopoe (Hudhud) Stickers - Get Hoopoe Stickers 

Hoopoe, Sticker, White,
Hoopoe White background sticker 4X4 inch

Hoopoe, Stickers, Transparent,
Hoopoe Transparent background sticker 4X4 inch

Hoopoe is a popular bird and it is the national bird of Israel. It is also known as hudhud. The main noticeable thing in Hoopoe is the crown on its head which makes it different from other birds. Many people call it a bird with a crown. This bird is also positively associated with many religions. Now you can get high-quality stickers from Hoopoe. 

3) White Throated Kingfisher Stickers - Get Kingfisher Stickers

Kingfisher, White Throated, Sticker, Transparent,
White Throated Kingfisher Sticker Transparent

Kingfisher, Sticker, White,
White Throated Kingfisher Sticker White

Kingfisher is one of the most loved and recognized birds in the world. There are many famous brands on the name of this bird. We can find many species of Kingfisher birds. For this sticker, we have used a picture of a White-throated Kingfisher. It is very easy to spot kingfisher birds along the water bodies. White-throated kingfisher is widely distributed in Asia from Turkey to the Philippines. This bird enjoys staying at a single place or location, though, sometimes it may make small movements. 

4) Red-wattled Lapwing Stickers - Get Lapwing Stickers 

Lapwing, Bird, Sticker, Transparent,
Red-wattled Lapwing Sticker Transparent

Lapwing, Sticker, White,
Red-wattled Lapwing Sticker White

Red-wattled Lapwing is a bird with very narrow and long legs. This bird can be heard making loud noises at night. The Red-wattled Lapwing has a striking appearance, with a black head, neck, and breast, and a brown back and wings. It also has a large, bright red wattle on each side of its head, which gives it its name. They prefer open ground or rooftops to give birth to their babies. 

5) Grey Bush Chat Stickers - Get Grey Bush Chat Stickers 

Grey, Bush Chat, Stickers, Transparent,
Grey Bush Chat Stickers Transparent

Grey, Bush Chat, White, Sticker,
Grey Bush Chat Stickers White

Grey Bush Chat is a small and tiny Himalayan bird which lives in the bushes. This bird is only found in the Himalayan region at some height. They are very curious birds and may come close to you when you are taking their pictures. The Top of the Grey Bush Chat is Black/greyish while its bottom is white or whitish-grey. There is a black patch around their eyes. The female birds are dull brown. 

6) Red-vented Bulbul Stickers - Get Red-vented Bulbul Stickers

Red vented, Bulbul, Sticker, transparent,
Red-vented Bulbul Sticker Transparent

Red, vented, Sticker, Bulbul, White,
Red-vented Bulbul Sticker White

Red-vented Bulbul is a tiny bird of the bulbul species and it has a sweet voice. Red-vented Bulbuls are also social in nature and they love to live in groups. The best way to identify them is the dark red colour on the vent. It is common to see pairs of red-vented bulbul. Red-vented Bulbuls are basically resident birds of the Indian subcontinent. Red-vented Bulbul eats fruits, berries, insects, nectars, and flowers.

7) Jungle Babbler Stickers - Get jungle Babbler Stickers option 1  
sticker, jungle babbler, pray, transparent,
Jungle Babbler with Pray Transparent

Sticker, Jungle Babbler, White, Pray,
Sticker Jungle Babbler with Pray Transparent

Get Bungle Babbler Sticker Option 2 

Jungle Babbler, Sticker, White,
Jungle Babbler Sticker White

jungle babbler, sticker, transparent,
Jungle Babbler Sticker Transparent

Opposite to its name Jungle Babbler is a very much city bird. They love to live near human habitats because of the availability of food. They are also known as seven sisters because we mostly find Jungle Babblers in a group. This bird also looks like Angry Bird from the famous cartoon series based on birds. It looks like the cartoonist got the inspiration from Jungle Babbler for a few bird characters. The noise they make is because of their sharp and high-pitched calls which they make to each other so they can remain in touch with each other.

8) Kiss-cut Stickers of Spotted Dove - Get the Stickers of Spotted Dove

Spotted Dove, Dove, Stickers, Bird Stickers,

Bird Stickers, Dove Stickers, Spotted Dove,

Spotted Dove is a very peaceful and friendly bird and found mostly in the Himalayan region. It can be recognized by the spots on its neck and wings. These Spotted Dove stickers are available in Transparent and White background. These stickers are a great gift to any bird lover and help in recognizing Spotted Doves. 

9) Slaty-headed Parakeet (Parrot) Kiss-cut Stickers - Get Slaty-headed Parakeet Stickers

Parrot, parakeet, stickers,

parakeet, parrot, white,

Slaty-headed parakeet can be recognized easily by the noise they create. Mostly, we can find them in groups. Slaty-headed Parakeet (Himalayan Parrot) show altitudinal migration which means they migrate to higher peaks in summer and lower heights in winters. Himalayan Parrots are less dependable of humans for their meal as compared to urban (rose-ringed parrots) because they find most of their food themselves.

At present, these are some of the bird stickers we have available for you but do come back in future to check more Bird Sticker options on this page. 
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