Do I am the same person what I see in the mirror?

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 We all see ourselves in the mirror many times a day, but today this question came to my mind do I the same person that I see in the mirror? Mostly, we all think that we are the person whom we see as our reflection in the mirror. Therefore, many people see many times in the mirror. However, when we deeply think about this matter, we will find that a mirror image can never define us properly because it lacks many details about us and fails to represent our true selves. We human beings are smart enough to hide our negative points from the world and create a false perspective of self to show to others. 

When we see a reflection, we see in the mirror an image of ourselves, capturing a visual representation of our physical appearance at a particular moment in time. However, it is essential to recognize that our true self extends beyond what is reflected in the mirror. We are much more than our image and our identity encompasses more than just our physical body. It includes our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, experiences, and relationships.
These aspects contribute to the complexity and uniqueness of who we are as a person which are difficult for an image to represent properly.

Though it is said that an image says a hundred words but still it can't give our full representation as human beings. The reflection in the mirror only provides a glimpse of our external appearance, while neglecting the rich inner world that defines our true self. Moreover, it's important to remember that the image we see in the mirror can be influenced by various factors. Mirrors can introduce distortions, such as reversing the image or altering proportions, depending on the type of mirror and its placement. Therefore, even the reflection itself might not provide an accurate representation of how others perceive you. 

 While the mirror reflects a physical picture of yourself, it falls short of capturing the entirety of your being. We are multidimensional individuals with a unique combination of physical, mental, and emotional aspects beyond what can be seen in the mirror.

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