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Good Movies are a delight to watch and thanks to dubbing in Hindi and OTT, we are able to enjoy many South blockbusters in our preferred language and at the comfort of our homes.  My only complaint from the South Indian movies is the aggressive use of violence and cutting human beings like onion and tomatoes. We all know about the K.G.F chapter 1 movie of Yash which was a pan India success and everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of its second part i.e. K.G.F. Chapter 2. According to news, KGF Chapter 2 will release on April 14. I watched the KGF movie after a long time of its success and never imagined that it will be so good. After watching the movie, I become a fan of the South Indian movies and actors like Yash. The great thing about South Indian movies is that they take the chance to venture into unknown oceans without worrying about the failures whereas, in Bollywood, we see famous stars repeating old tricks or making remakes of old South Indian movies. 

Today, I will take about Allu Arjun's latest Pushpa movie which was recently got released on Amazon Prime videos. First, this movie was released in South Indian languages and now, the Hindi version of the Pushpa- The Rise movie is available. I am a great fan of Allu Arjun because I have watched many of his good movies in past. When I watched the trailer of the movie then I postponed my plans to watch this movie because I thought that this movie will have lots of violence. Later, I read many reviews about the good acting and storyline of this movie. Therefore, I watched this movie yesterday and I am quite happy that I watched this movie. The first good thing about this movie is the great storyline and execution of the script perfectly. The acting performance of Allu Arjun and other actors is also best and in some parts, Allu Arjun has become above his best. 

Pushpa, allu arjun,

Rashmika Mandanna has played the role of main female actor and she has done full justice to her role. I liked the performance of Jagadeesh Bhandari as a friend of Pushpa (Allu Arjun). Overall, Pushpa is a good movie and offers you good entertainment, the only thing to keep in the notice is that he should not be against seeing a high level of violence. When asked by reporters if this movie is based on the famous Red Sandal smuggler Veerappan then Allu Arjun mentioned that it is truly frictional work and the story of Pushpa movie is written by Sukumar. Once Veerappan also came into the limelight by cutting illegally red sandalwood and smuggling it to various places. At one time, his same was so notorious that everyone feared him. Pushpa movie may or may not be related to Veerappan but one thing is clear if anyone wants to learn movie about the cartel of red sandalwood smuggling then he or she must watch this movie. 

I liked this movie though the movie becomes slightly overdosed at the last minutes overall, it is a good package and we can enjoy this movie at least once. Soon, we will see more parts of this movie so it will be good to watch the first part so that we can relate it in the second part of the movie. This movie is already a blockbuster in the local language and I believe that it will be a big hit on OTT too. 

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