It is always a good thing to write about your good or bad experience because, in this way, we can educate others about the experience. Recently, I had a good experience of raising my complaint of the WOW skin science customer care, and how easily they solved my problem. As you are aware I got a few samples of the Wow Skin Science products like WOW Mango butter and Wow Onion oil with black seed extract. I like these products and I decided to try a few more products from Wow skin science. I found a promotional email from wow skin science that I will get Freebies worth Rs 948 on all orders above Rs 699. As I was satisfied with the earlier Wow Skin Science products and I liked the promotional so ordered two products (Wow hair loss control therapy shampoo and Wow hair conditioner)  worth Rs 700 from them. 

However, due to some technical error (maybe slow internet speed or any other issues), I noticed that my freebies worth Rs 948 are not added to my final order. After noticing this error, I immediately sent an email to them to either cancel my order or to add the freebies to my order as I was eligible for them. Within a few hours of sending the email, I got a reply from their end, they apologized for all the inconvenience caused to me. They further assured me that they will send me freebies once I will receive my order. 

I waited for my order to arrive and when it reached me then I checked for freebies so that I am double sure of it and don't get it double. But the package was not containing freebies. Then again I sent an email to them to send me the freebies promised by them. And to my surprise, I got the confirmation of my freebies order within less than one hour. Within three-four days, these freebies in reality reached me. 

The best thing, I liked about the Wow Skin Science customer care is their friendly and responsible approach and solving the problem without creating any other problem. Next time, I will feel more confident to buy products from wow skin science because I know that they will listen to my concern and will solve any problem if it is there. Mostly, we don't get such problems often but when they happen then they either leave you with a happy experience or a bad experience. Good customer care can play a very important role in making or breaking a company or a brand. 

I felt happy so I am writing about my positive experience with wow skin science customer care.