Some people will never be happy with your success

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It is a common story of many people that they have people in their lives who are not happy with their success. Jealousy is a very common thing in life and we all are somehow remain affected by it. People live life with two different yardsticks, one for themself and the second for others. Many things that they feel are good for them when others do the same thing then these things become bad or forbidden. It is an ugly truth of life that others are not much interested in your happiness and in reality, they are just worried about their own happiness. In this situation when they find you happy or successful, then they feel unpleasant and want themselves in your place. 

When we understand this fact of life then we will not feel unhappy about the bad or harsh reactions of others to our happiness. To be truly happy and enjoy it will, it is very important to not worry about others and their reactions because many of such unwanted bad reactions will come. Also, we need to learn to hide our feelings and happy moments from others to avoid the unnecessary flow of bad energy. Today, we see lots of people circulating many of their best pictures of the best moments of life on social media. By doing so, they are doing two mistakes, first, they are losing their privacy and second they are attracting unwanted negative energy

It is a common tendency of a person to show off or share their good memories with others in the form of pictures or videos. But the question is are others interested in all this? Not all people are bad or have bad intentions but there are some people who are either frustrated with their life or have a negative outlook on life. Such people don't like others enjoying their life. From the face, we can never recognise such people because in front of us they always show that they are very happy about us. Therefore, it is better to learn to avoid sharing every moment with others because there may be many people who are not happy about your success or happiness. 

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