Clash of Ego (A common Tale)


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The clash of egos of two different persons is so common in our world that we can find it happening everywhere around us. Today, 99% of the world's problems are here because of ego clashes of different people. People or countries don't want to solve their problems but instead, they want to justify their ego by looking winner in the conflict. And, we all know that there can't be two winners in a single situation. The ego of a person can never accept a defeat so we never see the solution to most of the problems. Instead of changing their stands or finding solutions to the problem, people prefer to die with the unsolved issues and problems. 

For a good and problem-free world, we need to leave our egos aside so that we can think with clarity about the wider benefits and happiness of the masses. Ego is the biggest barrier in all this and it is the main culprit but the problem is that no one wants to tackle his own ego. We are more concerned about the ego of others but never want to decrease our ego. A person may look small or simple but his ego can be many times bigger than him. The bigger the ego is the bigger the will be problems. Today, we live in a world where the ego is people in own the rise and people are only concerned about themselves.

Whereas in an ego-free society, everyone looks for the other person and no one remains neglected or untreated. However, in an egoist world, we see everyone interested in his or herself thus causing others to suffer unnecessarily.  I hope that everyone will realise it and we will work in a direction to create an ego-free world where every person feels part of it and we work more on solving problems than creating new ones. 

In-Universe we all are the same

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