In the Universe we all are same

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It is the ego of a person which creates a division in the world and don't allow us to see similarities in all of us. If we compare our earth to the whole universe then it is very-2 tiny; therefore, if we see ourselves on the earth then we are the tiniest creatures living on one the tiniest planet. However, still, we have a very big ego which is even bigger than the whole universe, and because of this reason why we see others different than us.

The main part of any human being is his conscious which keeps on traveling from space to body and vice versa. This is a continuous circle and we all are part of it. Ego is mainly associated with the body and it dies with the body too. Whereas at the conscious level there is no ego; therefore no difference between the individuals. All this difference only exists when we are in our body because we start believing our body as our real identity.

Our journey in our body only last for the time till we are alive and as we die our journey in the body stop and we get back to the conscious level. At this level, we are free from all the bondages of the world and see everyone as same. We can make our world a beautiful place if we learn to live like as we live at the conscious level with no ego and attachments. However, it is very difficult for any person to move above his ego and not see others as different beings because he is not aware of his consciousness.

The pleasures and sorrows of the world keep every person attached to the body. To see the reality of the world and to see our consciousness, we need to first calm our mind so that we can talk to our consciousness. When we become one with the conscious, then we start seeing everyone same as we are and removes the poison of ego from our mind.

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