Some Easy methods to increase immunity during Covid (Coronavirus)

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 At the start of the Corona Virus last year, I wrote this article that Is India ready for Corona Virus? In this article, I discuss the options available in front of India to tackle the Corona Virus strain. Though India did well in dealing with the first strain of Corona Virus we failed on many fronts when we faced the second wave. It looked that we were not prepared for the stronger and deadly second wave of the Corona. We may blame the government or the bad healthcare system, however, there is also a problem in us. First, we don't follow the rules and second, many of us don't enjoy strong immunity to fight the Corona virus. By increasing our immunity, we can increase our chances of survival from the Coronavirus. There are some methods through which we can make our immune system strong. However, due to the fast lifestyle, we have stopped carrying about our bodies. 

Step 1- Spend some time in the Sun - The problem with today's lifestyle is that we don't spend much time under the sun, therefore, lots of people are suffering from deficiency of vitamin D which further leads to deficiency of Calcium. The deficiency of vitamin D and Calcium makes our body weak and thus we become easy targets of pathogens and viruses. 

Step 2- Walk for at least 40 minutes a day - With the availability of Two-wheelers and cars, many people have stopped using their legs. However, people don't understand that walking is the simplest and easiest way of exercise. If we can't do hard exercise then we can at least walk 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. With walking our body becomes strong and fights well against external pathogens. 

Step 3- Eat fresh and easily digestible food - Due to a fast lifestyle, we have also acquired wrong eating habits. The food we eat doesn't provide all the necessary nutrition to our body. Excess use of fried and junk food makes the situation even worse. Good food can work as a medicine and help us to make a strong body with an immune system. 

Step 4- Relax yourself with Meditation and Good Music - A relaxed body is stronger than a body in agitation or worried body because when we are in good mood then our body makes good chemical and when our body is in bad mood then it makes bad or unhealthy chemicals. 

Step 5- Remain adequately hydrated - Many studies have shown that when we drink enough water daily then the chances of viral infections and their effects decrease many times. Therefore, do drink enough water daily or you can use lemon water or fresh juice to remain hydrated. Drinking one or two glasses of water empty stomach provides many health benefits. 

Step 6- Take an extra dose of anti-oxidants - Another method to increase our immunity is to make some extra or regular doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin D. Anti-oxidants help us to get rid of harmful free-radical and help us to increase our Immunity. By eating fresh and green vegetables, we can get a good dose of antioxidants to fight external pathogens and viruses. 

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