Is India ready for Corona Virus (Covid 19)? What are the main precautions?

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Finally, coronavirus has entered India and there are few confirmed patients at a different hospital in India. Coronavirus was the first time reported in three people in Kerala who came back from China on a special flight. However, the government of India handled these patients carefully and stopped the further spread of the virus in India. For more than a month, everything remained fine in India with no new case of coronavirus. But now the confirmation of new cases of coronavirus has ranged the danger bell in India too. 

The biggest risk in all this matter is that most of these patients have met hundreds of people before getting admitted to the hospital. Now there is a good chance that we will see new cases of coronavirus in India. In this situation, the first question that we can ask ourselves is that Is India ready for the Corona Virus? 

We all know that the Indian healthcare system is not that advanced as we see in the other parts of the world. Second, it looks that the Indian government has lost the time window to get prepared for this disease because we don't see much at the ground. Though in big cities, we see some preparedness for this disease, however, in small cities, people and healthcare workers are not clear about the actions to be taken. 

Already, there is a shortage of masks in most Indian cities and prices of many drugs have sky-rocketed. This is a big failure of the Indian government. At present, the scale of coronavirus is very small in India; however, by considering the population of India, this problem can go out of hand anytime. So far, we are away from any panic like situation in India and hope that coronavirus doesn't become so deadly in India as it happened to other countries of the world like China, Iran, and South Korea. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus-

1) High Fever (104-degree Celcius) 
2) Tiredness
3) Dry Cough
4) Ache and Pain
5) Sore Throat 
6) Difficulty in breathing 

What are the main precautions for Coronavirus?

Common people can get the help of a few precautions to save themselves from the coronavirus. If a person follows the precautions reported below then he can save himself from the virus attack. These precautions areas such-

1) Don't touch the T-portion (portion involving Eyes, nose, and mouth) of your face with your hands because this virus mostly reaches in your body through this route. 
2) Wash your hands several times a day or after touching an infected area. 
3) Avoid visiting a crowded place or meeting a sick person.
4) If you are suffering from a cough and flu then impose self-quarantine on yourself and avoid visiting crowded places. 
5) Visit the nearest doctor if you see symptoms of corona-virus in yourself. 

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