Who is Soman Gupta? Kya Sonam Gupta bewafa hai?

Today, in the time of social media, we get all kinds of information. Some information is fake like the Nano-chips in Rs 2000 Notes and some are motivated by self interest like the Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai; therefore, it become our duty to pick the right information and not spread the wrong information because it may hurt someone. After the currency crises, the most talked about topic on the social media is "Who is Sonam Gupta?" and "Kya Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai?" There are so many shares on this topic that Sonam Gupta name is trending in top 10 on most of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. 

This topic has become so hot on social media that few opportunistic people have created pages with this name. There are many girls and women in India with the name "Sonam Gupta" and No one, actually knows that which Sonam Gupta is mentioned on a 10 Rs note; however, the whole social media is busy talking about her. The whole story started a year ago with a 10 Rs note and "Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai" written on it. 

This topic again resurfaced with "Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai" written on the New 2000 Rs note. Below, the new Rs 2000 note, it was written that "Note chahe koi bhi ho Sonam Gupta Bewafa thi aur Bewafa rahegi". After this, we saw a flow of many such pictures of different currency notes on social media with the same message written on them. 

This whole matter looks to be the brain child of a person who wanted to malign a Sonam Gupta, who may have betrayed him; however, now this matter has crossed all limits because it is hurting millions of other Sonam Gupta, who are no way linked to this matter. There are reports of people unesserasy tagging all girls with the same name. 

In my opinion, it is time to come out of this hysteria and stop promoting or making such posts which hurts someone. By spreading such messages, we are creating the wrong image for all women with the name "Sonam Gupta". 
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