Which are Best Blogging services to start a new Blog?

We can easily find number of options available in front of us for starting a new blog (What is a blog?). However, many new blogger faces this dilemma that which service is best for them for long run because there are many blogging services available which look very attractive initially but do not pay in long run. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose a right kind of blogging platform initially so that we do not face any problem in future. Below, I am reviewing few blogging services for the help of new bloggers.

1) Blogger.com – Today, blogger.com hardly need any introduction because this free blogging platform from Google has done great favour to blogging. Blogger.com is highest used blogging platform across the world. Blogger.com is 10 times bigger than its nearest rivals. Major reason behind the success of blogger.com is its simplicity and easy tools. With the help of blogger.com any person can easily start blogging without worrying about complex functions or html codes, due to this reason, blogger.com is very popular among new users. Second reason behind the popularity of blogger.com is option to use blogger.com free of cost for life time. Initially, there was one big problem with blogger that bloggers were restricted to a sub domain name addresses like name.blogspot.com, however, from last two years, blogger.com has integrated free domain name change option in blogger.com to change blog address from sub domain address to proper domain name address like www.arvindkatoch.com. Bloggers can also find multiple templates available free of cost online to give new and different look to their blogger blogs. I always suggest blogger.com to all new blogger because of its easy to use and life time free services.

2) Wordpress.com- Second place goes to wordpress.com. Wordpress is popular in two formats, one as free blogging service like blogger.com second as popular blogging software. From last many years, wordpress has remained top choice of bloggers who want to host their own blog and choose an individual domain name. In last two years, number of other free software have also entered in market to give competition to wordpress, however, still wordpress is one of the most popular blogging software used by bloggers to create self hosted blogs. Wordpress.com is also a popular free blogging service used by large number of bloggers across the world. However, the problem with wordpress.com is that it not completely free and it is more expensive than other services available in market. While there are number of benefits too attached with wordpress.com as it gives more advanced services than blogger.com to bloggers.

3) Typepad.com- Number three position goes to typepad.com. Unlike first two services this service is paid blogging service and their plans starts from $5 per month. Among paid bogging service available online typepad is most popular. Typepad.com also provides blogger help in earning money through blogging. They claim that they have their own advertiser network which provides best ads on typepad blogs. Bloggers can easily try this blogging service by going for their free trial package. Overall, I will not recommend this service to bloggers because there are many good free blogging solutions available online like blogger.com.

4) Xanga.com- Xanga.com is fourth blogging solution available in front of us. Xanga is basically a community based blogging platform where large number of bloggers post and read each other posts. These kinds of platforms provide a great help to new bloggers because they can easily get readers for their posts. Xanga.com is good for bloggers who want to blog only for fun while this service is not best alternative for long term blogging and making money from blogs.

5) Weebly.com- Weebly.com is fifth blogging cum website making solution available in front of us. People can easily create free websites and blogs with the help of weebly.com. People can easily choose from large number of attractive templates and designs available with weebly,com. Weebly also provide many advance and cool features and it is very easy to construct a new weebly blog.

6) LiveJournal.com- Started by high school boy in 1999, Livejournal has seen many changes. Today, Livejournal is one of most popular community based blogging platforms available in front of bloggers. This service provides a great option to all those people who remain interested in community based blogging platforms.

These are six blogging options which I will suggest to any new blogger. People can make their own choice as per their taste and requirement.

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