How to earn 1000 dollar with Google/Adsense?

This article is an extension of my earlier article “How to earn $1000 per month with Blogging in India?”. In earlier article, I told people about three ways to earn $1000 or more per month through blogging. Google asdesne was first option among those three options which I discussed to achieve goal of earning $1000 per month. In this article, I will tell in more detail about Google adsense and how people can earn more than $1000 per month with it. (Do not know what is a blog visit What is a blog?)

Today, Google adsense is top monetizing options available in front of millions of bloggers from across the world because it allows almost every blogger to use its services unless blogger does not violate its terms and conditions. There are many other competitors of Google adsense in market; however, most of them need minimum number of visitors per day or fail in providing quality advertising.

The other major advantage behind the success of Google adsense is huge collection of ads in its kitty which can cater to almost any blog. Google adsense provide two options of earning money with its ads. One is per click which is more popular (you make money whenever any person clicks on your Google ads) and other is per thousand impressions (you earn money when an ad is shown for thousand times on your website, though it is not necessary that ad must shows thousand times on your website, however, you will be paid a rate based on per thousand impression). Google adsense also provide solutions like Google search, Google ads for mobile website, Google ads for feeds, Google ads for parked domain names.

However, majority of revenue for bloggers comes from per click ads. People can hope to earn from $.01 to $ 10 per click on their ads. There are many ads which can give as low as $.01 per click and there are few big ads which can give $10 per click, though, I have seen maximum of $4 from single click from ad on my website. However, mostly general ads remain in the range of $.05 to $.50. Below, I am sharing few ways to get maximum revenue out of Google adsense account.

1) Optimise Google Ads- It is very important for any blogger using Google Adsense program to optimise Google ads well on blog. It is necessary to show ads at best location on blog so that people can easily watch them. It is always a good idea to past Google ads in those locations which load first because in this way visitors get an opportunity to go through ads while your page loads. Second, try to blend ads in your blog template so that they look same part of your blog. Blogger can easily achieve this by changing background colour of ads to same as background of your blog and changing colour of main Title line of ad to colour of links on your blog. By making these changes, Google ads will start looking similar to other links on your blog. By making these changes, blogger can easily see 50-150% increase in Google/adsense earning.

2) Importance of content- Google adsense place ads on any blog by reading content of your blog e.g. if you blog covers various flowers and related stuff then Google adsense will place ads related to flower industry on your blog. However, many times new bloggers do a common mistake they create a mixed kind of blogs and posts. They try to cover number of topics and key words in their blogs and posts. Due to this reason, these blogger see unrelated or public service ads on their blogs. This only happens when Google fails in finding relevant ads for your blogs. It is very important for bloggers to write right targeted and keyword oriented posts, so that Google ad robots can determine that which ads to show on your blog. Therefore, you will make money with adsense once you have ads displaced by Google.

3) Different Weightage of differnet topics and contents- It is very important for all bloggers to understand that Google adsense gives different importance to different contents. It will pay more for ads on content which it rates important and it will pay less for ads on content which it rates unimportant e.g. general topic post or blog is likely to get less payout per click as compared to highly targeted cancer related blog. In some categories like electronic products, love, stock market, diseases and medicines etc, we can see higher payouts in the range of $.20 to $ 5. Therefore, it is always beneficial to work on specific categories which pay us more.

4) Optimising posts/Blogs- It is very important for all bloggers to get visitors for their blogs and posts so that they can use displayed ads. Mostly, there exist a direct relation between increase in number of visitors and increase in revenue from Google adsense, though, it is not an exact direct relation but we will mostly see an increase. Therefore, it becomes important for people to optimise their posts and blogs in different mediums like search engines, social networks, useful resources etc so that more people should visit their blogs and posts. In coming days, I will write a separate article to address this issue.

5) Do not Panic- It is very important for all bloggers to remember that Google adsense revenue can fluctuate significantly over a period of time e.g. say you earn $ 500 from Google adsense this month then it is not guaranteed that you will earn $ 500 or more next month. However, with constant work and focus we can see constant increase in our average earning.

These are few tricks and suggestions which can make Google adsense experience better for people.

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  1. Thank you so much for your posts. Truly, your site is one of the most useful and direct ones I have found on the topic of how to make money from google adsense. Your tips are highly appreciated.

  2. I think google is best paymaster and Ad placement and traffic is the key to success.

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