Friday, March 13, 2009

What is a blog?

A blog is a web based tool available in the hands of people which help them in publishing their contents online. People can easily publish contents like articles, pictures, videos etc with the help of blogs. A blog can also be termed as an online dairy because; concept of a blog has come from concept of an online dairy. In late 80’s few techie decided to start their online dairies and then share these dairies with their friends online.

With this concept of online dairy later blogging become a reality. Up to 90’s blogs were only restricted to few technically strong people, however, in late 90’s slowly blogs started becoming available for general public with the launch of by Pyra Labs. In 2003, this service got more boast when Google bought this service and made this free blogging service available to billions of people across the world.

In the mean time, we also saw launch of number of other popular blogging services like, etc. Today, we can easily find millions of such services available online. Presently, blogging has become richer and advanced with the introduction of new features. Overall, it is very easy to start a blog and most of blogging services like are available for free of cost.

People can get the help of article How to create a Blogger Blog video tutorial for creating a free blogger blog account. People can also get the help of article Which are Best Blogging services to start a new Blog? for comparing various blogging services and choose a one for them.

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