How to earn $1000 per month with Blogging in India?

Today, we all know the importance and acceptance of a blog (What is a blog?) in the present world. In recent times, blogs have emerged as a favourite option for online communication, due to this reason; we see millions of people and companies using blogs for various uses. My first reason of choosing to blog was fun, however, while blogging I learned a few options to earn good money. Presently, I am entering my fifth year of blogging and in these four years, I have seen many ups and downs related to blogging. Before starting to blog, I have no idea that I can earn good money with the help of blogging. Below, I will share three authentic options available in front of us to earn more than $1000 per month with regular blogging (Which are Best Blogging services to start a new Blog?).

1) Google Adsense- I received my first earning cheque from blogging with Google adsense program. It was $ 108 cheque which I received in late 2005. From that time I have received several cheques from Google ranging from $ 100 to $ 1100. Like me, there are millions of people spread across the world who are earning regular income from Google adsense program in the tune of $ 100 to $ 100000 per month, though; we can count people on our finger tips earning more than $10000. Despite all these big guys, any person can easily hope to get $ 100 to $ 500 per month with regular blogging. The major advantage with Google adsense program is that it is very simple to implement and people can start earning money from day one. (How to earn 1000 dollar with Google/Adsense? )

2) Sponsored Posts- In 2006, bloggers across the world saw another revolution in blogging field with the introduction of number of players sponsoring post on blogs. Bloggers started getting proposals of paid blogging in the tune of $ 5 to $ 200 per post. Most of these players choose page rank as criteria for paying blogger per post e.g. more money for higher page rank blogs. Lots of blogger across the world got advantage of these opportunities and earned money in the tune of $ 5 to $ 5000 per month.

3) Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest earning options available for bloggers and this option is still helping lot of bloggers. Though, this option is only suitable for niche bloggers (bloggers covering a specific topic) or bloggers having huge readership. By affiliating with proper programs, any blogger can easily hope to earn revenue in the tune of $ 1 to $ 10000 per month. In affiliate marketing, bloggers are paid money when someone buys a product or service by using their affiliate link.

These are three options which I am using presently, though; I have tried number of other options too but later came back to these options. According to many experience, I will suggest people to concentrate on these three options initially to earn money.
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