Most shocking and shameful incidence of Parade of naked women in Manipur

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On one side, we are trying to encourage women's empowerment and education so that women can take a leading place in the construction of a good society. We have succeeded a lot in these efforts but still, the crime against women is not decreasing in India and it is very bad news. Today, I am going to talk about the heinous crime done against two innocent women of Manipur which shocked the whole nation. On one side, we are celebrating 75 years of India's independence but on the other side, women are marching naked on the Indian streets. I have already written on this topic Why women are still not safe in India? When we start to believe that condition of women has improved in India then suddenly from somewhere we hear the news of crimes like as reported from Manipur state. 

We all are aware of the ethnic conflicts in the Indian state of Manipur which are continuing for a few months. Already many people have lost their lives due to the conflict between two rival communities. This crime surfaced when a video of the incident went viral after 77 days of the incident. From the Indian Supreme Court to many big thinkers in India, everyone was shocked to see what was happening on the screen to the women. Women always become soft targets because of their non-ability to retaliate. This incident happened in one group of communities attached to the village of a rival community. In this raid, they target two women from the village and naked them. They also killed the brother and father of one woman when they tried to save her. 

After striping the clothes of women they marched them naked in the vicinity as a victory parade. This incident clearly shows the small thinking of males to treat women so disrespectfully. The people from the village which was attacked told that they tried to call the police but the police didn't help them. In a democratic country where people choose their own governments, such incidents are totally unacceptable. This incident reminds us that we have not developed as humans still and many of us are living in the medieval period where no law exist. This is clearly a failure of the Manipur state government and machinery. 

Such incidents not only diminish the image of India globally but also shatters the trust of many Indian women. Now it is important to give a strong and solid message to the culprits so that no person should think of doing the same in the near future. 

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