Do Homeopathic Drugs work, What is my experience?

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Mostly when we become ill then we go for allopathy-based treatment because the Western world has given this medical system to us. During British rule, India moved heavily towards the allopathy-based medical system while leaving behind its own ayurveda-based medical system. Today, I will not talk about Ayurveda but about another medical system known as Homeopathy. We can easily find the presence of Homoeopathy in India too. However, this form of treatment is not as popular as Allopathy or Ayurveda. Every person in childhood may have taken small sweet homoeopathy tablets for various things like increasing eye vision and other health issues too. But many people don't put the same trust in homoeopathy drugs as they put in Allopathy or Ayurvedic medicines. 

The conditions of Ayurvedic drugs were also not very good twenty years back because many people trusted allopathy medicines only. But thanks to the work of many ayuvedacharyas (people who treat with ayurveda) today we see an increase in trust in ayurvedic drugs in general people. Homoeopathy is not an Indian medical system but came from Germany. This system was developed as an alternative to the allopathy. But with time, this system of medicines remains neglected. Many people believe that Homoeopathy medicines are just placebos and nothing more because only a fraction of real drug is taken to make a huge quantity of homoeopathy medicines. On the other hand, Homoeopathy practitioners say that it is based on the scientific method. 

Now, I will discuss my experience with Homoeopathy medicines. A few years back, I got some problems in my stomach and liver which caused a lot of discomfort to me. Then a homoeopathy practitioner suggested Dr Reckeweg R 5 for the stomach and Dr Reckeweg R 7 for the liver problems. I first took only R5 and it worked well for me and relieved many of my stomach problems. Later I tried R 7 for liver infection too and it worked well too. After this, my faith in homoeopathy drugs increased and I tried some other drugs too. Overall my experience with the homoeopathy drugs remained satisfactory. The best thing I liked about the homoeopathy drugs is that they are very mild and do not cause damage to our system. 

Therefore, my suggestion to everyone is that they should give a try to the homoeopathy drugs before going for other options because they have the potential to solve your problems. In the end, I can assure you that homoeopathy drugs are quite effective and do work. Though, I will suggest buying these drugs from a well-reputed company only. 

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