Are flavoured artificial energy drinks good for our health?

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 It is common to find hundreds of flavoured energy drinks in the market and many new products are getting launched on the weekly basis. I decided to write this article when I picked a fruit drink thinking that it contains fruits juice or fruit concentrate but after drinking it I found that the product is originally a lime juice and they have only added flavour of the KIWI, Pudina and other fruits in it to make a cocktail of them. Similarly, we are finding many such products in the market which advertise them as fruit or energy juice but actually, they are collections of artificial flavours with a sugar base. They add flavour to enhance the taste and colours to give a juice-like look to the product. They further add other ingredients like preservatives and chemical substances to these drinks. 

Now the major question which arises in front of us that Are such flavoured artificial drinks are good for us? I try hard to stick with the original fruit juices prepared by myself because I can be sure in this case that I am drinking real fruit juice and not some artificial sugar drink. However, during the travel or when you are outside, you do not have any other option than to go for such drinks. During these situations, it is important to read the ingredients well before buying any such energy drink. After reading the ingredients, we can avoid those artificial drinks which contain large amounts of artificial ingredients. Moreover, the high content of sugar in these drinks is also harmful to our bodies. 

Many of these artificial flavours and colouring substances (dyes) are actually chemicals which have the potential to harm our bodies if taken regularly or in large amounts. Our health should remain our priority because if health is gone then everything in this world is gone. One of the major reasons for major health problems in our world is the wrong eating habits of people and the intake of chemical-rich food or beverages. In the coming days, we will see an increase in the availability of such products because they are easy to make and store so offer more flexibility to the manufacturers and shop keepers. But how good such products are for our health is still a debatable issue so should be careful. 

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