There is always an innocent child inside you (Your Key to Happiness)

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As my age is increasing, I am finding that there is always a child inside us irrespective of our age. Even a 90-year-old person has a child hidden inside him somewhere. We don't change much with age, we mostly pretend that we are changing because it is expected of us. As a child, we play with artificial toys but at a young age, we start playing with real toys only. We always want toys for us and as we grow, we start preferring real toys over fake ones. As a child, we create a house in mud and feel happy about it. Later in life, we create real big houses but the same happiness of childhood is missing as ego takes control from here. As we start growing, we start pushing the innocent child in us to the back hidden from everyone because we don't want to look weak. 

We get help from our ego to look happy, successful, and wealthy. However, we forget that ego is a trap and it can never give us the same happiness which we got from unreal things in childhood. As a child, we created things for ourselves and even in their imperfections, we were happy. Now, we create things to show off and make others feel jealous of us. We associate ourselves so much with these creations (like home, car, jewellery, etc.) that we start losing ourselves. A child never loses himself in creating or getting other things but we do, therefore, mostly, we find children happier than adults. It is common to hear people remembering their childhood even in old age. 

Why does everyone remember their childhood so much?

The answer is simple childhood was the happiest time of our life. We were freer and happier at that time than at the present time. We all can make our lives happier at any age by allowing the hidden child inside us to come out. When this child will come out then it will guide us towards real and true happiness instead of fake happiness associated with our ego. 

By constructing big homes and by buying expensive cars, we think that we are influencing others. We want to hear from others what a beautiful house we have created or what a nice car we have. When other says then we feel elevated and our ego further increases. But when people don't praise us or find faults in our creations or items then we feel bad and unhappy.  

So in both ways, we lose. While a child is never happy with what others think or say because he creates things for himself and not for others. 

Now it is up to you to allow the innocent child inside you to come out or not. 

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