Movie Review - Shakuntala Devi (A movie based on the complexities of human relationship)

Last time, I shared with you my review of the Amitabh Bachan starter movie Gulabo Sitabo. I watched this movie on the Prime videos and now again, I am back with another review of an interesting movie 'Shakuntala Devi' which is a story of an Indian woman who was referred to as a human-computer because of her sharp mathematic solving techniques. Shakuntala Devi was so sharp in mathematics that numbers of times she defeated the world's fastest computers of that era. The amazing thing to know about her was that she never got a formal education in mathematics. 

In the COVID times, people are stuck inside their homes and all cinema halls across the country are closed. So the online video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Videos have become a hope for people because they are launching some new movies through their platforms. Overall, Shakuntala Devi movie is much more than a mathematics thriller. It is again a good movie that highlights the complexities of human relationships and how people struggle to balance their family and career. After seeing some people giving one star to this movie and terming it as a boring film, I was not sure that I should watch it or not. 

This movie was released on Amazon on 31st July but I got chance to watch it on 3rd August. After watching this movie, I can say that Shakuntala Devi is not that bad as it was portrayed in the comments. This movie highlights well the side of a career-oriented woman and how at some points she failed to maintain the balance. This movie also highlights the struggles of the tangled relationship between a mother and daughter.  There are many people in this world who blame their parents for their problems in life but they fail to see their side. Life is much difficult for goal-oriented women who want to achieve more from their lives. 

This movie is a good lesson for all parents who want to manipulate the life of their children according to their dreams. Too much interference in children's life can annoy them. At some point, we need to leave our children to their choices and fate. The movie also highlights the importance of both parents in the life of a child. Overall, it is a good movie that highlights how hatred in our hearts for some person can cause us many problems. Therefore, it is important to forgive others for their mistakes if we want a good and healthy relationship. People who have strangled relationships with their parents or children may find this movie more interesting and relating. 

Life is not only about the richness and big achievements in life but we also need the support of good relations in life. A successful and happy life can be achieved with this balance. We can also learn from the movie that we should not take with us to our graveyard the anger towards anyone. 
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