Movie Review - Gulabo Sitabo (A wonderful movie)

Movie Review - Gulabo Sitabo (A wonderful movie)

There are some movies in Bollywood which are made with great perfection and we feel satisfied after watching them. These movies have a great storyline and they give a wonderful message to all. Today, I got a chance to watch Amitab Bachan starer movie "Gulabo Sitabo". It is one of the first movies to be released on the online platform. I also watched it on Amazon Prime Videos

Initially, I was skeptical about the high rating given to this film; however, after watching it, I realized that it is a wonderful movie. The main backbone of the film is its perfect story and great acting by the cast specially Amitab Bachan. The good point about this movie is that it looks like a very realistic movie and you feel that you are watching something real. 

Gulabo Sitabo is a great try in Bollywood to make more movies with deep meanings. This movie highlights the bad points of human greed and how many people are in the control of greed. With a beautiful story, this movie gives the message that we should not get influenced by greed so much that we don't realize the real gems of our life. The story of movie Gulebo Sitabo clearly highlights that because of our ignorance, we sell or waste many things for a fraction of their real values. 

We only realize the value of these things when they are gone from our hands. In life also, we need to understand what thing holds the real wealth and what thing is fake. Many fake and artificial things look very attractive at the initial stage but later they only give us pennies. So, it depends on you that you want to follow the real things in life or want to waste it on dummy things. 

To know more about the movie, you need to watch it and may watch it a few times to understand the beautiful meaning stored in it. I will also give this movie a rating of 4 out of 5 for a great storyline, acting, and screenplay. 
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