Death of a senior journalist is an attack on the Freedom of Speech

Gauri, Lankesh,

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear the news of murder of a senior Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh. I strongly believe on the principle that everyone has the right to express his thoughts and this is the guarantee given to us by our constitution. In my last article on similar issue, Why Freedom of Press needs to be maintained at any cost? I expressed similar concerns. 

Press is one of the pillars of a true democracy and by destroying this pillar, we are only making life tougher for ourself and others. Before, this episode I never heard about her or nor got any chance to read articles written by her. But still I feel that we need to respect the opinion of everyone even if they are saying something different. 

Intolerance is not good for any good society and if it is not stopped soon then we will create a highly intolerant society. Today, it has become a fashion to kill someone over a trivia issue and we can see it everywhere. The respect for law and it's fear has totally disappeared in people; therefore, they don't think once before taking law in their hands or killing someone. 

The dream of a true democracy can only be fulfilled when we allow everyone to freely express their opinions or thoughts. Any democracy fails when it can't protect its vulnerable and weak people. In a democratic country, we can't force the opinion of majority on the minority or on the weakest of society. 

We need to again generate trust of the people on the law so that they don't take law in their hands. We need to increase our tolerance level so that we can make everyone comfortable in this country. Restoring to killing for shouting the voice of a person is the worst cowardly thing to do. 

I love to express my opinion and thoughts, but also love to respect the opinion of others. Today, time has come when we should become more tolerant. If we don't like someone's opinions or we feel that his or her writing is causing some damage to society, then we can reach the law because it is the duty of judiciary to address such matters. 

By self deciding the fate of others or by killing them, we are presenting the baddest of example every presented by someone. 
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