Why Freedom of Press needs to be maintained at any cost?

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Today, we are moving towards the world where many politicians and leaders don't want that press should work freely or express things which are against them. To avoid anything which doesn't suit them, they are either trying to control the press or trying to terrorize it. Free Press or Media is one of the main pillars of democracy and if it is destroyed then we can't expect a true democracy.  However, sadly some of the world leaders are moving in the wrong direction by cutting the powers of press and media.

Many politicians and leaders don't want that people come to know about their failures or wrong doings so instead of correcting themselves, they want to stop the press from reporting it. If someone asks me a question that in which country I will like to live, a country which is developed or a country which has freedom of the press, then my answer will be the country where freedom of the press is present. By destroying the press, politicians are trying to stop anyone who can raise voice against them.

To hold our democracy, we need to safeguard the freedom of the press at any cost so that we have some true people in our system who highlights the shortcomings of the system and expose the corrupt leaders. Already, corruption is highly present in our system and if freedom of the press is gone then corruption will only increase many times. I do stand with the Fee Press because I know that if this right of mine is gone then only a paid media will survive in the world which will feed us with false stories.

Already, there are talks in many countries about putting some restrictions on the internet so that flow of free information can stop and the only option remain with the people is to listen whatever the state or paid media is saying. It is big shame for the society that after so many years of human development, we are still struggling to get a free press. I hope that every citizen of the world will raise his or her voice against this move by politicians to kill the free press.

I am not against anyone or nor favor anyone; however, I will like to die supporting the free press than living somewhere where only false propaganda is circulated.

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