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Yesterday, I did the review of movie "Beauty and the Beast" and today, It is time for recently released Hindi Film "Half Girlfriend" which is based on the famous novel of Chetan Bhagat of the same name. Any good film first needs a good story and this story is already a big success and liked by millions of people. The second step was to make a good film on a good story because there are many examples of bad films made on the good stories available. Here Mohit Suri did a great job and presented a well entertaining and romantic movie in front of us.

The actors in a movie play a very crucial role in making any movie a good or bad movie because it is their acting which needs to do justice to the story. Here both leading actors Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor have done a great job and they look realistic in the movie. All other supporting actors of the movie are good in their acting. The music of the movie is another strong point of the movie and all songs are already a hit. It is always a great experience to watch the romantic movies which somewhere touch our romantic side.

Half Girlfriend is one of the best romantic movies made in recent past and may remain best for the next coming days. The good point about the movie is a good story and great climax which keep you guessing till the end. We talk a lot about the love; however, there is the only fraction of people who really take love seriously. True love can only happen to the person who listens to their heart and not to those who use their mind to mold their relations. Half Girlfriend provides a perfect definition for the love and to what extent love can go. When we are in true love, we start listening to our lover through the heart.

I will say that Half Girlfriend is a good romantic movie which needs not to be missed.
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