Why and how the net wealth of our Legislators increases so many times?

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Corruption is a big problem is our country and even after so many years of independence, we have failed to stop it. Today, corruption has so well integrated itself into our system that it is not an easy task to remove it. People who do corruption are so shameless that they don't bother what others say or how their corruption affects the country. 

Yesterday, Supreme Court of India ordered the central government to give the list of all member parliaments whose net wealth increased exceptionally in last few years. As per the ADR (Association of Democratic Reforms) report the net wealth of sitting MPs more than doubled in last 5 years. This report further points out that net wealth of one of current MP increased by 2100%. This is a very serious reports which points out at the high level of corruption in our system. 

Our politicians are our leaders and common people get inspiration from them, but When our leader are corrupt, then what we can expect from their followers. Today, most of political parties get hundreds of crores as donation, however. don't give detail about the source of their income because they enjoy immunity under the current laws. We don't know from where this money is coming or who is funding these political parties; therefore, creates a space for corruption and misuse of power. 

In a country with 6 to 7% GDP growth, how our legislators are growing so fast. Time has come when we should work in direction to remove corruption from all the systems so that we can truly grow. India is a rich country, sadly wealth distribution is highly irrational. With 10% of people having 90% of money, the rest of 90% are left to survive on the 10% of remaining money. Due to financial problems, it has become very common among ordinary people to commit suicide. 

At present the most of money is in the control of Babas, top businessmen, political leaders and corrupt bureaucrats. Everyone in the lower income level is facing many acute difficulties related to survival. This high level of corruption is pushing us backward; and instead of growing, we are actually degrowing. Recently, Judiciary has come for the help of ordinary people and they have put some corrupt people behind the bars. 

If we failed to stop corruption, then we will push our country into more difficult situation from where it will be very hard to return back. There is also problem with the intelligence of common people who keep on supporting corrupt leaders and Babas. We need a mass movement to stop the menace of corruption from further affecting all of us. 

I am not against any political party because all political parties are suffering from this issue. My fight is against the wrong system which needs to be corrected to decrease corruption. 

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