Increasing trend of Private Schools in India

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In India, the commercialisation of education has increased many times; therefore, the number of private schools has increased rapidly. The main reason behind this increase is poor performance by government schools and fast catching concept of English medium schools. 

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Most middle and lower-class families see good education as the only solution to make a good future for the-ability to speak English as the main reason behind their poor children because they themselves blame their illiteracy and poverty. Therefore, they don't want the same thing happens to their children too so they spent hard-earned money on the child's education and sometimes, this money is as high as 60% of their total income. 

So, you can see how people are ready to do anything to provide good education to their children. To exploit this opportunity many private schools have come into play and they charge very high school fees. There are many private schools in India where the monthly school fee is above 10K. 

I am not against private schools; however, I am against any kind of exploitation of people in the name of education. I already pointed out this in my earlier articles on the same subject Increasing commercialisation of Education and  Side Effects of commercialisation of Education in India.  

On the one side, we have the Right to Education which is also known as The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act and on the other side, there is so much division in the education sector. Our government schools are fighting for survival in many places and state governments are forced to close many schools where the number of children is very low. 

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I do study at a government school for two years and my experience at the government school was quite satisfactory. However, now as we see around government schools have lost the trust of the people and people don't want to send their children to government schools. Today, in most of the government schools only children of lower income class go whereas people of middle school have shifted to private schools. 

This is a failure of our state governments that they failed to provide quality education to the students even after so many years of independence. Moreover, there also looks like a nexus between the political leaders and private school management which doesn't allow government schools to improve. 

I again say that my article should not be seen as an attack on private schools, I just want that a quality and affordable education should be within the reach of every student of India while that is achieved through government schools or private schools, it doesn't matter. 
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