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Thanks for liking my post, "Must Read these 10 Quotes when Sad or Depressed", I hope that this post must have provided some relief to you. Today, I will share with you some best and top Daily Thoughts (Quotes) close to my heart. In general, I like all the good quotes and thoughts; however, there are a few thoughts and quotes which leave behind a strong impression on your mind. Below, you can find the same kind of quotes that have helped me to come out of bad times and to focus on my goals. This is my list of best Daily Thoughts, I hope that you will like this post too. Also, read the new post - Some of Best Daily Quotes Pictures

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1) Life is a series of Tiny Miracles (Daily Quote Image)-

Life, miracles, series, daily thought, quote,

2) Honesty is very expensive Gift (Daily Quote Image)-

Honesty, Cheap, People, daily thought, quote,

3) Cutting People out of your life (Daily Quote Image)-
Cutting, people, life, mean, hate, Daily Thought, quote,

4) You can't reach in front (Daily Quote Image)-
Reach, front, Daily Thought, Meaning, behind,

5) A relationship with God is most Important (Daily Quote Image)-
relationship, God, most, important, trust, fine, Daily Thought, Meaning,
A relationship with God is the most important (Daily Thought with Meaning) 

6) You don't have to great to start (Daily Quote Image) -
great, start, Daily Thought, Meaning, start, Quote,
You don't have to be great to start (Daily Thought with Meaning)

7) Your mind is a powerful thing (Daily Quote Image)-
mind, powerful, thing, Daily Thought, Meaning, B K Shivani, life, start, bhram kumaris,
Your mind is a powerful thing (Daily Thought with Meaning by B K Shivani) 

8) Never change your origionality (Daily Quote Image)-
change, originality, sake, others, Daily Thought, Meaning, role, play, best,
Never change your originality for the sake of others (Daily Thought with Meaning) 

9) Lotus is the only flower (Daily Quote Image)-
Lotus, Flower, Teaches, important, Daily thought, quote,
Lotus Is The Only Flower That Teaches Us (Daily Thought)

10) One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go (Daily Quote Image)-
Daily Thought, Meaning, hardest, lessons, life, letting go,
Daily Thought with Meaning (One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go)

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