Are you asking from the right person?

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It is common in life to ask for help or advice from others; however, many times we don't get the positive reply and it makes us sad. Here we need to ask ourselves this question, "Are you asking from the right person? Because if we are asking for help or advice from a wrong person then definitely we will not get a positive reply. In life, we need to learn to identify the people from whom we can ask for something because there are large numbers of people around us who are either unwilling to help us or they don't have the wisdom to give us any advice.

From the wrong or unwilling people, we will always get a negative reply and it can make us unhappy or sad. However, it is not the fault of these people because they are not the right people to ask for anything. Only a person who has the wisdom to understand our problem or situation can help us, while others may find our problems ungenuine. The mistake we do in life is that we mostly think that people who live with us or who are in close relation will understand our problems, but it is not true. There are many people around us who may live with us; however, may never notice our sufferings or pains.

Moreover, our world is a place where highly egoistic people live and such people only consider their problems or issues as everything. It is a futile exercise to ask for any help from such people because in their eyes our problems don't exist or don't matter. Therefore, instead of hurting yourself, again and again, it is much better to avoid asking for help from the wrong people.  I do agree that it is difficult to identify people, initially and the only option available with us to make a try. But we have the option to not repeat our mistake again because this will only increase our pain.

With time and experience, everyone comes to know that whom he should ask for help and whom he should avoid. This is part of wisdom we gather in the world. Life is all about learning many lessons so that we can learn to act well in difficult situations.

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