Who is Sadhvi Deva Thakur? What is wrong with Today's Sadhu and Sadhvis?

Sadhvi Deva ThakurToday, Sadhiv Deva Thakur is absconding from the police because of the criminal cases registered against her and her six associates for firing in a marriage ceremony; and causing one death and critically injuring four others (including a 11 year old girl). As per the news total 30 shots were fired in the air by Sadhvi and her associates. It is banned  in India to open fire in public gathering because of chances of injury to people gathered at that event. 

Many such cases had happened in the past and many innocent people have lost their lives; however, this shameful act by a proclaimed Sadhvi and her associates is very terrifying and it looks that they have no fear of the law. It is very hard to believe that a Sadhvi and her associates can indulge in such acts. So far, it is under investigation that bullets from which gun caused the death and injury. 

Who is Sadhvi Deva Thakur- 

She is the director of the Deva India Foundation, Shri Mata Sundri Dham, Karnal and vice-president of All India Hindu Mahasabha. She lives in Karnal. She is single and her followers believe that she is today's Lakshmi Bhai. It is common to find her pictures posing with arms and there are many videos available online, where she can be seen with guns. She is a radical Hindu leader and she believes in Hindu Rashtra. 

Video of Sadhvi and Her Associated firing in Marriage Function-

In Indian culture, a person is called Sadhu, or Sadhvi when he or she shows a good conduct and causes no harm to anyone. However, today's Sadhus and Sadhvis are presenting very wrong examples in front of us. 

I hope that Police will soon arrest her and her associates so that we can hope for justice. 
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